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Fishing update

Fishing update/ Calendar


Hey Gang,

 I know it has been a long time since I have posted. A lot has happened over the last year, including the loss of Capt. Bills website. More importantly, his calendar. So, for the intern, im putting up a homemade calendar. The fishing remains excellent. So dont be afraid to call. 603-235-3960, texting is also a good way to get me. So heres how im going to try it, hopefully it works. When you call, don't worry, I'll call you back, sometimes it takes a few days!!! But I will call you back!!! So since I dont have an actual calendar to post, I will put out a list of open days and people needed to fill them! So here goes gang!!


My computer problems persist, Ive gone as far as buying a new one, yet still cant update the website!!!


Best bet is either call or text me until i can get this done!!! 

Any date not listed may be open to charter!!! Just call for availibility!!!! 

OK Gang, i will do my best to keep this updated!!! Feel free to call or text!!! My next step is to figure oiut how to keep this updated from my phone!!!!

Capt. Pat and Capt. Bill